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Every year between the 5th of May and 5th of June, thousands of tourists and locals head to Kashan, «the pearl of the desert», to witness the Rose Water
The harvesting of the «Rosaceous flower», the specific type of Iranian rose from which the water is extracted, dates back to the 7th millennium BCE. The method used for the extraction of rose water is itself a 1000 year old and hasn’t evolved much through time. Moreover, the «rosaceous flower» only grows in the central Iranian deserts, a strange characteristic for such a beautiful and aromatic flower.

Day1: Tehran - Drive to Qamsar (3h)
Private driver and car
Check-in: Kooshk Agha Mohammad Ecolodge. Upon arriving you will enjoy the local cuisine for your dinner

Day 2: Qamsar - Drive to Bam-e-Qamsar
Private driver and car

  •  Rosaceous Farm
  •  Qamar's Rosewater Museum
  •  Natural Essence Research Center of Qamsar
  • Gol Azin Rosewater Plant 

Breakfast will be served in the farm and afterward, we will have a competition to see who can pick more roses. Around 10 AM we will visit a traditional Rosewater processing plant. Here we will get familiar with the process of extracting the rosewater and participate in production to make your own souvenir.

. Afterward, we will pay a visit to Qamar's Rosewater museum to learn about the history of rosewater making and its tools. Then we will head to visit the famous Gol Azin rosewater plant where we will witness the modern industrial process.
Overnight: Local house in Margh

Day 3Margh  - Drive to Tehran
Private driver and car

  • Hadji Mahammad Bidgol Bath

 After hiking in the village and learning about the medicinal and aromatic plants in the area we will head for lunch where we all help to prepare it in nature. We will head to the historical Hadji Mahammad Bidgol bath and enjoy aromatherapy (Rosewater massage and face mask) and after our session, we will experience the traditional Iranian bath and learn about its history.
Drive back to Tehran (3h)
Private driver and car


1001 Rose Gardens of Kashan

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