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Aqa Bozorg Mosque and School are located in the center of Kashan. This 18th century mosque is considered the finest Islamic complex in Kashan due to its symmetrical design. The courtyard of the mosque has another courtyard with a pool and a garden inside it. The two doors of the mosque have 6,236 nails in them to match the number of verses in the Quran. The entire complex including the dome of the mosque is made of brick. The complex has beautiful Thuluth and Nastaleeq inscriptions, stucco decorations, paintings, moqarnas and tilework.

Hooman Hejazy

It's a beautiful mosque and your visit won't take longer than half an hour. the symmetrical design of the structure creates a perfect scenery for photographing and the yard within the main yard contains a pool in the center like all Persian Gardens and around it are the classes and rooms for religious students who live here and study. There are books showcasing benefits of Islam for foreign tourists on the side of the mosque.


Beautiful Mosque and it was built in a way to adapt to the hot climate, there is a garden in the lower level that prevents the heat with the main pool in the middle and the breeze from wind towers.


مسجد آقا بزرگ بسیار زیباست. گرچه در اصفهان و تهران مساجد بسیار بزرگتری دیدم. اما این مسجد در این نقطه خیلی نظرم را جلب کرد. دوست داشتنی و گرم.

Aqa Bozorg Mosque and School

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    Masjed Alley