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Kashan Bazaar is located at the heart of the city. The bazaar, which was built during the Seljuq era in the 10th century, was renovated in 16th century when the Safavids came to power. The bazaar was once devastated by earthquake but a new bazaar was built on the ruins of the old one. The historical bazaar complex has three caravanserais (Mir panj, Zoghali and New) as well as a few mosques, public bathes and water reservoirs. Magnificent lightwells are a unique feature of this ancient bazaar, which is still in use today.
Hooman Hejazy

Located in the center of the historical texture of Kashan, you can almost find anything you can imagine here. You will see a jewelry store and next to it is a butcher shop and next to that they are selling traditional spices, it's an interesting experience to visit the light wells that were someday responsible for the lighting of the Bazaar and all the old carpet shops now based in places that used to be Caravanserais.


بازار کاشان دوست داشتنی بود. یک بازار قدیمی بدون هیچ گونه تغییراتی. جالب بود که در این راهروی تاریخ اجناس لوکس و جدید هم می توان خرد. یک همزمانی دیروز و امروز. خاص بود.

Kashan Bazaar

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    Baba Afzal St