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Maranjab Desert near the historic city of Kashan is where amateur astronomers congregate and camp to gaze at the stars. It is an exciting astrophotography destination and a perfect place for walking on the moving sand hills and exploring sand patterns. Maranjab is also a great place for adventure sports and dune bashing is a popular activity there. 

Hooman Hejazy

With a close distance to the city and the fact that desert camping has become one of the favorite activities among Iranians, Maranjab is becoming more and more popular with its beautiful sand dunes and hot days and cold nights it is an experience to remember.


I spent two days with my Iranian friends and have to say it was the highlight of my trip. amazing experience.


Make sure to go with friends who know the area, it is very easy to get lost here. also, make sure to wake up for the amazing Sunset view in the desert.

Maranjab Desert

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    Isfahan Province, Maranjab