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Moayedi or Mobedi Icehouse is a Safavid (1501–1736) Ab-Anbar (water reservoir) and icehouse, which once provided drinking water and ice for the people of Kerman. This adobe structure has been built to preserve ice during scorching desert summers. The icehouse has 12-meter walls, behind which are surfaces where water was frozen into ice during the winter. When the thickness of the ice reached 40 centimeters, it would be cut into smaller blocks and stored inside the ice vault. The ice vault has a round plan and a conical dome built so that its tip absorbed the least amount of sun. In the olden days vendors sold Faloudeh (a traditional desert with ice shavings) next to this icehouse and it was a popular hangout spot for the people of the city.  Moayedi Icehouse was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2000.

Moayedi Icehouse

  • Address

    Moayedi Alley Neighborhood