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Located in the old texture of Khorramabad, the Akhound Abu or Sheikh Abu House was the residence of Mirza Mohsen Qadhi, the Chief Justice of the city named, who heard cases and settled disputes in his home. The house has a winter and a summer wing as well as several Panjdaris (five-door or –window living room), Sedaris (three-door or –window bedroom), a courtyard and a pool (howz). The windows that open to the courtyard all have brickwork decorations and the yard has a spectacular view of Falak-ol-Aflak Castle. The house is currently the Tourism House of Khorramabad and will soon be used as the location of the Luristan Province Handicrafts Museum.  Akhound Abu House was registered as National Heritage Site in 1999. 

Akhound Abu House

  • Address

    Ferdowsi St.