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Located in the Baghcheh Joogh Palace, this museum opened in 1986 and showcases the personal belongings of Eqbal al-Saltaneh Makuyi, a Qajar era (1785-1925) commander and the governor of Maku. The museum is popular among tourists for the beauty of its architecture, which is a combination of European and Persian styles, as well as for its priceless possessions including velvet wallpapers, brocade curtains, antique furniture, fine china and cut-glass chandeliers. It is said that many of the valuables of Baghcheh Joogh Palace were gifts from the Russian court. One of the prized possessions of the museum is the first gramophone brought to Iran which has a 60 cm horn. 

Baghcheh Joogh Palace Museum

  • Address

    Bahche Jugh Village, Maku