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The Razavi Shrine is a complex containing the mausoleum of the eighth Shia Imam, Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (765-819 CE). The shrine is surrounded by a number of monuments including the Goharshad Mosque, the Astan-e Qods Museum, a library, four seminaries and the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, as well as a cemetery, a dining hall for pilgrims, and prayer halls.

Imam Reza (PBUH) was martyred by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Ma'mun (786-833 CE) and buried in Mashhad making the city one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Iran and the Middle East.

Imam Reza was laid to rest next to Harun al-Rashid (763-809 CE) in a simple structure. The current structure of the shrine has been built over the original Harun al-Rashid tomb.

The Dailamites paid hardly any attention to this tomb and Ghaznavid ruler Sabuktigin (942-997 CE) ordered the shrine to be demolished. It was not until the 10th century and during the rule of the Seljuqs (1038-1118) that a dome was built above the tomb, a minaret was erected next to it and buildings and bazaars were established around it.

Khwarazmian rulers (1077–1256) put much effort into improving the shrine and there are still a number of inscriptions dating back to that era in the Shrine today. In the 15th century, Timurid (1370–1507) ruler Shahrokh and his wife Goharshad put much effort into expanding the shrine.

Safavid monarch Shah Tahmasp (1514-1576) gold-plated the dome, which was previously decorated with tiles. The gold of the dome was looted by the Uzbeks and the shrine was stripped of its precious objects in 1590. Shah Abbas I (1571-1629) expanded the shrine and replaced the dome in a renovation project, which began in 1601. An enamel inscription by master calligrapher Ali Reza Abbasi circles the dome and gives an account of these efforts.

The golden dome now has two golden minarets built far apart from one another. The tomb chamber, which is the core of the shrine complex, is located underneath a golden dome has been decorated with a tilework dado which dates back to 1215.

The Razavi Shrine includes several museums which display exquisite Qurans, valuable carpets, rugs, textiles, clocks, stamps, paper money and coins, medals, paintings, shells, and dishes. There is also an Anthropology and a History of Mashhad Museum in the complex. The Astan-e Qods Razavi Foundation is the custodian of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH), as well as all the other buildings in the complex.


حرم امام رضا بزرگترین نماد مشهد است که از سراسر دنیا برای دیدن ان به مشهد می آیند. صحن های بزرگ حرم و تمیزی و زیبایی حیرت آور است.


حرم امام رضا بزرگترین مکان زیارتی ایران. خیلی با صفاست.


حرم امام رضا هر روز بزرگ تر میشه. همیشه در حال بازسازی و بزرگ تر کردن صحن ها هستند.


حرم امام رضا از نظر وسعت و بزرگی حرف نداره. برای من عجیب ترین چیزش موقع نماز هست که طی چند دقیقه طوری نظم برقرار میشه که یک نفر رو در حال راه رفتن نمیبینی


حرم امام رضا میزبان شیعیان زیادی است. هر ساله از همه جای دنیا برای زیارت به این مکان می آیند.


حرم امام رضا را در اعیاد باید رفت. صدای نقاره چی ها فوق العاده است.


حرم امام رضا رو خیلی دوست دارم. قدم زدن در حرم حال منو خوب میکنه


بزرگترین حرم ایران. هرساله میلیون ها نفر وارد این حرم می شوند. هر روز هم قشنگتر میشه

Imam Reza Holy Shrine

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