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The beautiful Naderi Garden is where the Afsharid King Nader (1736–1747) has been laid to rest. Granite stones from Kouhsangi were used in building the tomb. The ochre-colored stones used on the inner walls of the structure bring to mind Nader Shah’s assassination. The covering of the tomb has been made to resemble a nomadic tent similar to the one Nader Shah was born in and in which he drew his last breath. A statue of Nader Shah riding a horse and holding an axe overlooks the tomb. Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan Pessian (1892-1921), the first Iranian to pilot a plane, is buried on a corner of this site.


باغ زیبای نادری یک مکان زیبا و جلوه ای از ذوق ایرانی به شمار می رود.

Tomb of Nader Shah

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    Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, Shirazi Avenue