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Bagh Salar is a traditional restaurant, which resembles the beautiful Fin Garden in Kashan. This restaurant, which is located in Shandiz, has indoor and outdoor seating and an in-house bakery, a confectionary and fitness facilities. 


if you are planning to go to this place make sure to choose the sitting area outdoor if the weather is suitable .... food is very tasty and healthy here you can realize that from first bite. you wont regret it.


me and my husband are in love with this place...beautiful restaurant and delicious breakfast. we stayed there for 2 hours and no one bothers us. very popular place.


معماری رستوران کاملا سنتی و جالب بود، موسیقی زنده هم داشت و جدای اینکه کبابش خیلی خوشمزه بود به محل اقامت ما خیلی نزدیک بود و دسترسی به رستوران رو برامون خیلی راحت میکرد

Nava Delpazir

The quality of food at this beautiful restaurant is good. try the zereshk polo with chicken.

Bagh Salar

  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Shandiz Rd., Across from Sorkh-e Hesar village