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Pesaran Karim is considered a Kebab joint which also offers a variety of rice dishes. 


very elegant and crowded place. i liked the chicken kebab with persian rice. highly recommended to visit and enjoy the iranian cuisines.


چلو ماهیچه این رستوران واقعا خوشمزست و البته مقدار غذایی هر پرس هم خیلی زیاده یعنی میشه به راحتی برای دو نفر فقط یه پرس غذا سفارش داد و قیمت غذا هم نسبت به کیفیتش واقعا خوب و مناسب هستش از نظر ظاهری و دکور جالب نیست و واقعا رستوران به این خوبی میتونه ظاهر و دکور خیلی خیلی بهتری هم داشته باشه


very well known for its "chelo mahicheh" (lamb). the place is always too crowded. very clean place and modern decoration. we really enjoyed our food.


i suggest you guys to definitely try "chelo gardan" of this place , its the most delicious food you will have. very tasty and the meat is very good. with no doubt you would love it.


کباب این رستوران واقعا خوشمزه است هم جوجه کباب و هم کباب برگ ،نحوه برخورد کارکنان خیلی خوبه و خیلی سریع و مودبانه است

Shourideh M

Despite this restaurant was rush in most times that i have been there, they have one of the best quality of dishes that i have tried ever! I strongly recommend you to try "Cholo Mahiche" there. It's wonderful!

Pesaran Karim

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    Sajjad Blvd., Farhad St., Farhad 22