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Tashrifat Catering Complex specializes in hosting business meetings, seminars and conferences. The restaurant has an outdoor complex where Persian meals are served on wooden, carpeted platforms. 


جای خیلی خوبیه برای خوردن غذا در کنار خانواده ودوستان


جوجه هاش خیلی خوبه و من حتما بهتون پیشنهاد میکنم که حتما امتحانش کنید و البته قیمت این رستوران بالاست ولی با حجم زیادی که غذا سرو میکنن جبران شده است

Great D

A few days ago I was there; it is located near Mashhad and takes about 30 min to reach there by car. The complex is very beautiful, with breathtaking views and nice weather... The architecture is so beautiful with round places that are made for drinking tea and smoking shisha. The ambiance was so cozy and you feel you are at home... The prices are reasonable there so if you travel to Mashhad, visit this restaurant.


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    Torqabeh, 500 meters from Ja Gharaq Rd.