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Baba Abdullah Mosque is a 14th century structure located in Naein Bazaar. The current mosque consists of a façade, several Shabistans (inner sanctum), a courtyard, a dome chamber and an iwan (a vaulted hall walled on three sides and open on one side).

Located on the south side of the courtyard is the dome chamber, which has a square plan and seems to have been part of the original mosque. There are 10 grave markers in the dome chamber which date back to the Ilkhanid era (1256–1335). There is a wooden plaque, which was once part of the pulpit of the mosqe), in the dome chamber bearing an inscription with the date 1300. The walls of the dome chamber have moqarnas decorations. There is a blue tucco inscription below the dome.

The Mihrab (prayer niche) is decorated with Quranic script intertwined with geometrical and floral motifs. Baba Abdullah Mosque has a winter Shabistan under parts of the courtyard, which receives light through vents in the courtyard. Baba Abdullah Mosque was registered as a National Heritage Site in 1935. 

Baba Abdullah Mosque

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