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Located in Hawraman Hotel, this restaurant serves a variety of tasty traditional Persian and Kurdish dishes.


i think this place its the safest and the best place to go in Oraman if you are looking for some Kurdish traditional dish. they have so many different "ash" which is like soup only richer. make you really full stomach and its very delicious and yummy. you wont regret it.


رستوران هتل هورامان هست که من اصلا راضی نبودم چون اصلا نورگیری خوبی نداره و غذاهای رستوران هم اصلا خوب نیست و برخورد کارکنان هم خوب نبود


The hotel is really nice and the service they offer is good. their restaurant is not bad but I recommend you to eat at local places in the city.

Hawraman Hotel Restaurant

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    Sarvabad, Qalaji Village, Hezbollah Intersection