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Located 15 kilometers from Qeshm City, Kharbas Caves were naturally formed 2,800 years ago due to receding water levels in the area. In the Sassanid era there was a Kharbas Village near these caves, which was frequented by sailors and merchants but nothing remains today.

Kharbas has four entrances and a series of interconnected chambers and halls. Kharbas Caves are the habitat of the Greater Mouse-tailed Bat.

There is some evidence of manmade rock carvings in these caves and many theories have been proposed regarding the function of these maze-like caves including that they were a place for Mithraic worship, a Zoroastrian ossuary, an ancient Anahita Temple to pay tribute to the Persian water goddess or a place where locals sought refuge against attacks. 

Kharbas Caves

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    Hormozgan Province