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Alborz is a traditional Persian restaurant famous for its Kebabs and Baqali Polo (broad bean rice) a...

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Arg-e Salarieh

Arg-e Salarieh is a traditional restaurant located inside a beautiful garden where food is served on...

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Madaen Hall

Madaen Hall is a buffet with a modern vibe, which is more suitable for dining as a group. 

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Milan is a fast food joint with nice pizzas, burgers and salads. 

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Mortazavi is a Persian restaurant with a famous Chelo Mahicheh (rice and meat) dish. 

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This Italian restaurant offers delicious Italian pizzas in a modern setting. 

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Shad Qoli Khan

This traditional Sharbat Khaneh (Soda Shop) is located in the historical Shad Qoli Khan Ab-Anbar (wa...

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