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This restaurant serves a variety of mouthwatering Persian dishes.


This is the coolest restaurant in Rafsanjan, an old bathhouse turned into a restaurant, this place is like a maze, endless corridors connecting different saloons together. Their most famous dish is "Tahchin" which they serve with "Ketchup"!!! but trust me, it worth trying, it tastes really good. If you were passing rafsanjan don't miss this place.


If you're looking for exotic food, this is where to go to enjoy it in a traditional atmosphere.

Javaneh Gh

تو يه شهرستان كوچيك وقتي پرس و جو ميكني براي يه رستوران خوب انتخاب زياد نيست - تو رفسنجان يه اين رستوران و يه رستوران ديگه به اسم گيلانه معرفي شد، ديزي خوب بود براي مهمون خارجي ماجالب به نظر ميومد، رفتار پرسنل هم مناسب بود


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    Shahid Beheshti St.