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Ramsar Old Hotel has Art Deco architecture and was built by German architects during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi (1878 – 1944).  Construction of the hotel began in 1932 and was completed three years later.  Built over a 5,000-square-meter area in three stories, the hotel is one of the most famous establishments in the Middle East.  The hotel is frequently used as a film location and has a hot spring in its vicinity.


It is a shame that it is currently closed to the public.


I was in Ramsar last month and after talking to the officials at the next hotel (Parsian) they agreed to open the old hotel for us to visit, it is currently under renovation.


It was a famous hotel and almost everybody have memories here, i hope they open it again.


It is a beautiful building in a perfect location. just by looking at it you can tell there is a lot of history here.


Amazing Palace, we went for a quick look inside and wow it was beautiful, i hope they open it for public soon.

Ramsar Old Hotel

  • Address

    Rajaei St