Ali Zakhouni Mineral Spring

North of Masouleh Bazaar

Ali Zakhouni Mineral Spring is located close to Masouleh Bazaar and its water contains bicarbonate components. It is believed that the water from Ali...


Eynak Lagoon

District 4, Rasht City

Eynak Lagoon is a natural pond deep in the heart of Rasht’s nature. This 2,630-meter long and 120-meter wide lagoon is close to a forest road. The dim...


Hajji Bekandeh

39 Km Northeast of Rasht City

Hajji Bekandeh beach area is located 39 kilometers from Rasht and stretches 100 hectares. Hajji Bekandeh’s proximity to the sea, its sandy shores that...


MASAL, A Lost Heaven

50 km West of Rasht, Gilan province

The beautiful city of Masal in Iran’s northern province of Gilan includes two parts of Masal and Shanderman. Often referred to as the green roof...



Masouleh, Gilan Province, Iran

The historical village of Masouleh is located 55 kilometers from Rasht in a forested mountain area. This 16-hectare village has a population of 600 an...


Sangar Dam Lake

24 Km Southeast of Rasht City

This lake is located 24 kilometers from Rasht on the road to Siahkal city. The lake sprung into existence behind one of Sefid Roud’s dams called Sanga...


Saqalaksar Dam Lake and Village

15 Km South of Rasht City, Lakan Village

This lake is located 15 kilometers south of Rasht behind an embankment dam in Saqalaksar Village. The word Saqalaksar means “place where birds gather...


Zemzemeh Mineral Spring

Masouleh District

Zemzemeh is located near Masouleh-Rood-Khan River and has bitter, iron-rich water. Locals mix the spring’s water with sugar and drink it. It is believ...