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Pomegranate is a sacred fruit for Iranians, ever since Zoroastrian times.
As one of the main producers of pomegranate, the city of Arsanjan holds an annual festival in autumn called “Jashn- e Anar”, which celebrates the start of the harvest season of this wonderful desert fruit

Day 1: Shiraz - Drive to Arsanjan (2h)
Private driver and car
We will leave Shiraz early in the morning and head towards Arsanjan city, one of the main pomegranate-producing cities in Iran, where you will take part in the “Jashn-e-Anar” festival and visit the city›s beautiful gardens. We will go for a walk around the fruit gardens and orchards of Arsanjan - a unique experience! Don›t forget to bring back with you some «Rob-e Anar», a dark and sour sauce made from pomegranate juice and used extensively in Iranian cuisine.
On our way back to Shiraz in the evening, we will stop to watch the sunset from Persepolis before returning to our hotel.
Drive back to Shiraz (2h)
Private driver and car

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