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Bishapur, "the beautiful [city] of Shapur", is situated south of modern Faliyan, just off the ancient road between Persis and Elam, which connected the Sasanian capitals Istakhr (close to Persepolis) and Firuzabad to Susa and Ctesiphon. The city was built near a river crossing. 

As the name indicates, the city was founded by King Shapur (241-272). Like the bridge at Shushtar, it was built by Roman soldiers who had been captured after the defeat of the Roman emperor Valerian in 260.

Many aspects of Bishapur's architecture looks Roman and do not belong to Persian architecture. An example is what specialists call the "Hippodamian street plan", which means that the city looks like a gridiron, while Persian cities usually were circular in design. Bishapur was not a completely novel settlement: archaeologists have found remains from the Elamite and Parthian ages. 

Bishapur Ancient City

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    Fars Province, 55, Iran