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Eram Garden is famed for its palm trees, flower beds and fountains. Eram, which means Eden, is an example of the UNESCO registered Persian Garden. 


باغ ارم در فصل بهار واقعا زیباست. تنوع گیاهان باغ و درخت های بزرگ و کهنسال باسایه دلنشین فضای خیره کننده ای رو ایجاد کرده.


Magnificent Persian Garden especially during autumn :)


It's a beautiful Persian Garden and we had a really nice time walking here also the mansion is a work of art.


Beautiful garden and definitely worth visiting, you will find all sorts of beautiful flowers and ancient trees here also the building itself is amazing.

Eram Garden

  • Address

    Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Eram St