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Bagh-e-Raz restaurant in Shiraz is located in a beautiful garden with various dining sections including outdoor sittings and rooftop tables, with an amazing view. restaurant's breakfasts are popular and for main courses we highly recommend Soltani Kebab. Prices are a little above average but it is worth it.

Arash Jam

It is a beautiful garden with 3 different restaurants. The grill outdoor is the best. In general its a bit expensive.

Afsoon m

Kheili bagh e ziba va tamizi hast. hame no ghaza serve mishe va khosh maze ham hast. faghat geroone


خیلی جای قشنگیه و غذاهای خیلی خیلی خوشمزه و با کیفیتی هم سرو میکنه

Bagh Raaz

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    Shiraz , Shahed Blvd.