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The name of Haft Khan restaurant complex was taken from Ferdowsi's book, Shahnameh(the book of Kings), .one of the persian epic masterpieces. The root of haft khan's name is related to the seven stages or houses that Rostam had to go through to rescue Keikavoos from the slavery of Mazandaran king. But the word Khan has also been used in Persian literary word to mean tablecloth or a table full of food. But, whatever the case, the truth is that each section of Haft Khan restaurant complex is your house. Haft Khan complex has seven khan consists of five restaurants and two coffee shops and all the names were taken from Shahnameh Ferdowsi.

  1. Khane Aval (The First Khan) Foroud : Down, Below (Downstairs)
  2. Khane Dovom (The Second Khan) Sindokht : Simorgh's daughter (The Ground Floor)
  3. Khane Sevom (The Third Khan ) Belian : The name of khezr prophet(The First Floor)
  4. Khane Chaharom (The Fourth Khan) Zarir : The Sohrab's son/ Goshtasb's brother and bestor's father (The First Floor Coffee shop)
  5. Khane Panjom (The Fifth Khan) Nofel : Beautiful/ Young/ Generous (The Second Floor)
  6. Khane Sheshom (The Sixth Khan) Gissia : A selected name in Shahname book (The Second Floor International Coffee shop)
  7. Khane Haftom (The Seventh Khan) Garsivaz : Strength and Stability / Afrasiab's brother (The Third Floor on The Roof)


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    New Quran Blvd., 17th Alley