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The name of Haft Khan restaurant complex was taken from Ferdowsi's book, Shahnameh(the book of Kings), .one of the persian epic masterpieces. The root of haft khan's name is related to the seven stages or houses that Rostam had to go through to rescue Keikavoos from the slavery of Mazandaran king. But the word Khan has also been used in Persian literary word to mean tablecloth or a table full of food. But, whatever the case, the truth is that each section of Haft Khan restaurant complex is your house. Haft Khan complex has seven khan consists of five restaurants and two coffee shops and all the names were taken from Shahnameh Ferdowsi.

  1. Khane Aval (The First Khan) Foroud : Down, Below (Downstairs)
  2. Khane Dovom (The Second Khan) Sindokht : Simorgh's daughter (The Ground Floor)
  3. Khane Sevom (The Third Khan ) Belian : The name of khezr prophet(The First Floor)
  4. Khane Chaharom (The Fourth Khan) Zarir : The Sohrab's son/ Goshtasb's brother and bestor's father (The First Floor Coffee shop)
  5. Khane Panjom (The Fifth Khan) Nofel : Beautiful/ Young/ Generous (The Second Floor)
  6. Khane Sheshom (The Sixth Khan) Gissia : A selected name in Shahname book (The Second Floor International Coffee shop)
  7. Khane Haftom (The Seventh Khan) Garsivaz : Strength and Stability / Afrasiab's brother (The Third Floor on The Roof)

The design and the food menu of this restaurant are spectacular.Its a must try when you are in Shiraz.


Beautiful , well designed, modern, different variety of food. Haft khan is rated number 1 restaurant in shiraz. The lower lever is were they play live music and serve traditional food. One of the best Persian restaurant i have ever tried . i will go back whenever i am in Shiraz ..... Yummy for my tummy :)


دکور و فضای این رستوران بسیار زیباست و غذای بسیار خوشمزه ای داره ,تنوع غذایی این رستوران رو دوست داشتم و همچنین سرویس دهی بسیار عالی


very cool place with live music and warm and kind staff.make sure when you go to this place order shishlik kebab. its always full of people and tourists.


must try it guys its amazing. beside decorations that are beautiful the food is wonderful and delicious i like shishlik kebab


the design is amazing both interior and exterior and you have so many choices for dining here :))


i went to this place on my last trip and tried "la poloyi" base on my friend's recommendation which is a most famous dish in Shiraz and it s truly delicious, it was the most tastiest food i have ever tried in my life. if whenever you go there make sure you order this dish.


واقعا اگه دنبال غذایی اصیل شیرازی هستید باید برید این رستوران غذاها واقعا خوشمزه هستن سرویس دهی عالی و سریع هست شاید قیمتها کمی بالا باشه اما در برابر کیفیت غذا و تجربه خوشایندی که ادم تو این رستوران داره می ارزه من کلم پلو شیرازی سفارش دادم که خیلی چسبید دکور رستوران را دوست داشتم و واقعا به خاطر فضای صمیمانش احساس راحتی میکردم

Hooman Hejazy

My favorite restaurant in Shiraz, you have so many choices and options here :) every floor represents a different style of dining ranging from traditional to international. The design of this building is the work of very well know architect Mr. Iravani and it's like the building itself is the master art piece. As for dining, i recommend lower level where you can enjoy a variety of traditional Iranian plates and live music here. I would suggest Kalam Polo or Shishlik Kebab here. enjoy :)


Great place to eat, offering many different variety of foods, from fast food to local dishes. Prices were average. They offered children entertainment and live music. And nice touch. Very busy on Thursday and Friday nights


The traditional floor is my favorite and always crowded, a combination of comfortable seats and live music plus delicious and mouth watering plates makes here many Shirazi locals and tourists first choice of dining.


One of the best in Iran, from traditional to fast food and barbecue this restaurant offers them all :) I tried Kalam Polo wich is a local dish in Shiraz, highly recommend trying it


The food is delicious! In the buffet, if you don't waste any food and finish everything on your dish, they give you 10000 tomans back


Love the classic floor most of all, the staff are really professional and the food, specialy the stake is great (which is something u cant really find in shiraz!


In restaurant chasbide be hotele man bood dar Shiraz (Hotel Royal) va in cheghadr khoob bood! chon ghaza va fazaaye in restaurant binazire!!


This place is made in a very smart way to house any kind of food you would like in the best way possible and served in an amazing setting. This is by far one of the best restaurant I've ever been to worldwide! Very clever, and very delicious!


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