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Hamburger 110 is a fast food joint which serves pizza, hamburgers and shawarma variations.


یکی از بهترین برگرهای عمرم رو اینجا خوردم ،خیلی خیلی خوشمزه هست و قیمت خیلی مناسبی داره ،یه برگر بسیار لذیذ که هر وقت من به شیراز میرم حتما حتما باید بخورم


اگر به شهر زیبای شیراز سفر کردید ،کباب ترکی 110 رو از دست ندید ، بهترین کباب ترکی به نظر من فقط واسه 110 هست ،بسیار لذیذ و خوشمزه هست و پرسنل اونجا به مقدار خیلی خیلی زیادی در ساندویچ هایی که سفارش میدید سرو میکنن

Bijan Hafez

It is a take out restaurant, it has limited chairs to have your food there, but the sandwiches are really really good. the Donner Kebab with the special sauce is the best.


So many memories in this place :) one of the oldest Burger joints in Shiraz and it still tastes like it did 30 years ago.


Delicious burgers and unbelievably fast service, there are lines of people waiting especially late at nights where this restaurant is a popular destination both for locals and tourists.


My friends told me about this place and i decided to give it a try during my visit, have to say it was mouth watering and not exactly like Mcdonalds or other fast food joints, they have their own recipe and it is definitely worth trying.


khlei kheli khoshmaze va laziz va fogholade binazir , haftei yek bar bayad berger va kabab torki 110 ro bokhoram va alan bad az 40 sal sabeghe khari hanooz hamoon keyfiyat khodesho dare va yeki az behtarinhay shiraze


Tarifesho kheily shenide boodam ghabl az safar be Shiraz, amma dar vagheiat oon chizi ke fekresho mikardam nabood! ye hamburgere kamelan mamooli


One of our favorite hangout places in Shiraz, they offer you a variety of fast food old school style and have a lot of regular customers.


One of the best burgers i have had, it is delicious and the service is fast.


I love the Donar Kebab here and i dont mind the line since the service is really fast here :)


This place reminds me of small sandwich places 30 years ago and the taste is also the same, its kind of a favorite hangout place.


This small burger joint offers a really juicy burger and cheeseburger which you HAVE to try when you're in Shiraz!

Hamburger 110

  • Type

    Fast Food

  • Address

    Anvari St.