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This traditional restaurant offers a host of Persian dishes in a family-friendly environment. 


make sure you get the famous kebab "shishlik" in this place.its so delicious and juicy.the backyard is amazingly designed.


Its the most popular and beautiful garden in Shiraz , The food is mouth watering. you need to definitely visit this place while you are in Shiraz.


I really adore this restaurant . The garden is beautiful , you can smoke shish and order Khorak Gardan, Best dish ever . Friday is really packed and you got to drive about 20 minutes outside of Shiraz.. Love the garden


we went there with family last month, i enjoyed my kebab


we sat out and enjoyed our meal this is a great place to dine with family and friends


they have the best lamb ribs which its known for "shishlik kebab". you must have try it with rice and butter. its very tender and juicy. great and very polite staff.


Since I live in Shiraz I went there several times the food is not bad and the prices are fair but the best thing about this restaurant is, it's view cause it's located on a mountain side of Shiraz and when your there you can see the whole city.


This place has room to improve regarding decoration and design. The meals were pretty good tho

Shandiz Mashhad

  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Shiraz, Sepidan Freeway