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This restaurant offers a variety of Persian dishes like Baghali Polo (broad beans and rice with dill) and the shiraz favorite Kalam Polo (cabbage rice).


Old , traditional restaurant . Located perfectly in the old district of Shiraz. I enjoyed the live music but the food is not the best food i had in Shiraz. if you are around Bazar vakil in Shiraz, try Shazeh. Worths a try


Its located in grand bazar of Shiraz,they have the most interesting live music in town. they are popular for their "kalam polo" rice with cabbage.


واقعا غذاهاش خوشمزه است ما کباب دنده و شاه عباسی سفارش دادیم با چلوش که عالی بودولی سالادش خیلی خوب نبود و اینکه 20 در صد بابت سرویس و مالیات میگیره ولی در مجموع غذاهای بسیار خوشمزه ای رو داره


this place is well known and popular for its kebab. you are greeted by polite servants. you wont regret it. the good thing is that this place is close to bazaar "vakil". so you can make a day of iy by going there.


went there and enjoyed Kalam Polo (shirazi plate) warm and friendly place :))


went there last week i recommend the Baghali Polo its amazing and mouth watering :)))


Their Kebabs are amazing and delicious, only thing that bugs me here every time we went there had to write our names and wait outside sometimes for an hour


The location is very close to Zand Bazaar and the food is perfect, long waiting outside though makes you loose your appetite


Personally, i don't enjoy dining in crowded restaurants, however, in this case, i make an exception all the time. their food is amazing Barbequed Fish is my favorite dish here.


Make sure you go there early, the waiting line is ridiculous but once your name is called you will have delicious traditional plates awaiting you :)


کباب بسیار خوشمزه و لذیذی داره که من خیلی خیلی دوست داشتم و ترشی های خیلی خوشمزه وخوبی داره ، میتونید بعد ازدیدن بازار وکیل یه غذای خوشمزه رو اینجا بخورید ، چون خیلی به هم نزدیک هستند

Sohrab Poor

The best place to take your guests after visiting Vakil Bazar. they offer a very rich buffet and they have live traditional music as well.


ye restaurant irani kheli khob ke por az rorshi va salad hay mokhtalef va khoshmaze hast ke besyar lazize ,ghazay mored alaghe man chelo mahiche inja hast ke kheli kheli khoshmaze hast , faghat tanha chizi ke mano ye kam azar mide shologhi ziyad in restaurant hast ke bayad hamishe montazer khali shodan ja bashi ta betooni beshini , ama vaghti ham ke nobat neshastan mishe , keyfiyat ghazaei ke mikhori baes mishe ke oon hame entezar jobran beshe. :)


یکی از رستورانهایی که خیلی در موردش شنیده بودم ولی امتحان نکرده بودم همین رستوران بود. و باید بگم که وقتی رفتم باورم نمیشد چرا تا الان نرفته بودم! این رستوران واقعاً عالیه و حرف نداره. هم کارکنانش خیلی مؤدب هستن هم غذاهای فوق العاده خوشمزه ای داره!


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    Zand Crossroads, Taleqani Junction, Masjid Vakil St.