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This restaurant is a branch of Shatter Abbas and offers a host of traditional Persian dishes. 


A very good quality of foods in a unique atmosphere. probably one of the best restaurant in Shiraz where u could eat good Kebab.


من فضای این رستوران رو خیلی دوست دارم چون با استفاده از تخت دیزایین شده واینکه باقالی پلو وماهیچه بسیار لذیذی داره و من خیلی خیلی ته چین مرغ شاطر عباس رو دوست داشتم چون با کره پخته میشه

i love this place , this place is really lovely , good memories


guys try the Tah-Chin with chiken( its rice with safron and chicken) you will love it.


went there with my friends i tried Baghali Polo its amazing and their Kababs are also very delicious.


بهترین کباب عمرمو اینجا خوردم. اگه نرفتین حتماً امتحان کنین

Shatter Abbas 2

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    Saadi St., Zand St.