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Shatter Abbas is Kebab place which offers a variety of the all-time Persian favorite along with seafood dishes.


me and my wife had the fish it was perfectly seasoned. we will be definitely going back next time.


Shater Abbas was great .. we tried the mix Kebab, and we are satisfied .i liked this location more then the other location they have in Shiraz. i will strongly recommend .


ته چین وکباب گوسفندی شاطرعباس وهمچنین سالاد شیرازیش عالیه واینکه منوی این رستوران بسیار کامله و شما میتونید نون پنیر سبزی رو با نونی که همونجا طبخ میشه بخورید


wonderful starters and i personally enjoy their kebabs.


i like their food i tried Tah Chin and i recommend it to you guys if you go there also try Shirazi Salad :))


ته چین اینجا رو حتما پیشنهاد میکنم که امتحان کنید ،خیلی خوشمزه هست و طعم لذیذ کره رو خیلی خوب میتونید احساس کنید


Delicious traditional courses along with a great service make this one of my favorites. Recommend Tah Chin rice with Chicken here and enjoy :)


Try their Kebabs here they are amazingly fresh and enjoy :)


از بهترین غذاهای ایرانی تو شیراز. حتماً این رستوران رو امتحان کنید.

Shatter Abbas

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    Azadi Park, Gaz Sq., Khakshenasi St.