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Mostofi House is a late Qajar era (1785–1925) mansion located next to the Mostofi Mosque. The house belonged to Mohammad Ali Mostofi, a merchant from Shushtar, and has traditional Persian architecture.

The house has an Andarouni (interior), which was the private quarters used by women and servants, a Birouni (exterior), which was the public quarters mostly used by men, and living quarters for the servants, as well as a Hashti (vestibule), an entrance corridor and multiple rooms. The courtyard has a view of the Shoteit River, one of the main branches of the Karoun, and the Shadorvan Weir Bridge.

The house is currently used as the site of the Anthropology Museum of Shushtar and includes a restaurant, a handicrafts shop and a photography station.

The House was registered as a National Heritage Site in 2000. 

Mostofi House

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    Shushtar Khuzestan Province