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Chaharbaq is a traditional Persian restaurant. Meals are served in pavilions with carpeted platforms. 


we really liked the sitting area in a great weather. we liked the freshly made kebabs. make sure you try "dough" with your meal. its a traditional drink made from yogurt.


If you visit here in good weather you would very much enjoy a delicious food while relaxing on those wooden platforms outside. You should also try dough!


اگه دنبال يه جاي سرسبز و باصفا ميگرديد اينجا گزينه خوبيه ،آبگوشت ماهيچه شو دوست دارم


mohit ghashagi dare vali ghazash mamooliye


  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Azarshahr Rd., First underpass