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Hezardastan is restaurant where you can try the Tabrizi cuisine from the city’s famous Kofta to Dizi and Kebab. The restaurant has been decorated with Constitutional Revolution newspapers. 


Traditional dishes here are the best! you Enjoy them while listening to relaxing music and gazing through the interesting photos on the walls. Friendly staff.


The cuisine mainly includes local meals like Koofteh Tabrizi (mashed meat with rice and veg.), Taskabab (kind of stew), Qarniyarikh Dolmasi (eggplant + chopped meat and rice), dizi (another sort of stew), kind of kababs with boiled rice. There are normal beverages available but I prefer to have Ayran or Doogh.


فضای کوچیک اما دنج، شیک و هنری داره. قیمتاشم متوسط به بالاست


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    Abresan crossroads