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Discover Veresk Bridge in Iran with us

Given the popularity of tourist trains across the world, Iran’s national railroads' company is trying to catch up with other countries and has recently embarked on a project to expand tourist trains across Iran. The Tehran-Savadkouh line is the first fixed tourist train in Iran. Savadkouh County, located in Mazandaran Province, is a major ecotourism site in Iran. The current route, called the “Gold Line”, starts from Tehran to “Pol-e Sefid” and back.

Tehran - take a train to Savadkouh

The tour starts at “Rah Ahan” station in Tehran at 06:30 AM. Shortly after breakfast, the train will first pass through the fertile plains of Varamin, followed almost immediately after by a desert, near Garmsar. After Garmsar the train will head north along the “Hableh River” and will reach its first stop, surprisingly similar to the first train stations built in Iran. After a brief stroll, we will return to the train and cross through other amazing sceneries: “Kabutar valley”, “Simin Dasht” and “Zarin Dasht”. As we get closer to the northern mountain ranges we will reach the highlight of the tour: “Shurab Village”. Hopping off the train, you will enjoy the peculiar mix of “industry and nature” while learning about the North Train Route history from your tour guide.
We will visit the famous bridges “Veresk” and “Se Khat Tala”, and get off the train again in Veresk Station to contemplate the famous landscape view from the bridge. Lunch will be served on the train and we will continue our journey towards “Pol-e Sefid”. After reaching “Pol-e Sefid” we will hike for a while and enjoy the surrounding scenery. We will head back to Tehran and enjoy the sunset in one of the train stops along the way while having an evening snack.
The train will reach Tehran at around 10:30 PM where our journey will come to an end.

Tehran to Savadkouh train tour

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