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Bibi Shahrbanou is a mausoleum with an enamel dome. Legend has it that this is the tomb of Shahrbanou the daughter of the Sassanid Yazdegerd III (590-651 CE) and the mother of the fourth Shia Imam Ali ibn Husayn al-Sajjad (PBUH)(659-713). However, as the mausoleum is located above a mountain, close to a spring and frequented by women there are those who believe that the tomb was actually a temple dedicated to the Persian goddess of water Anahita. There is a cave close by the mausoleum which has a lattice Zarih where pilgrims light candles. Locals believe that if young girls tie strings to this Zarih they will find love.


بی بی شهربانو برای ما پر از خاطره هست. مکان زیارتی با کلی حال خوب.

Bibi Shahrbanou

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    Jaddeh Madan Rd