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Ibn Babawayh Cemetery in Rey is where many prominent Iranian figures are laid to rest most notably the traditionalist Ibn Babawayh (923-991) whom the cemetery has been named after. Some of the other famous occupants of the cemetery include journalist and poet Mirzadeh Eshghi (1893-1924), scholar and writer of the first Persian dictionary Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda (1879-1956), painter Hossein Behzad (1894-1968) and wrestling champion Gholamreza Takhti (1930-1968).


گورستان قدیمی تهران. آرامگاه نامداران ایرانی. روح همگی شاد. ابن بابویه همیشه برایم آرامش به هراه داره.

Ebn-e Babevei

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    Tehran Province, Tehran, Nasr