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Milad Tower is the sixth tallest telecommunications tower and the 15th tallest freestanding structure in the world. Second only to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the Middle East’s tallest tower, this 435-meter tower is visible from almost any location in Tehran and has become one of the main symbols of the Iranian capital.

Erected in a 14,000-hectare plot, the tower has been designed to withstand the strongest of earthquakes and consists of five parts: foundation, lobby, shaft, head and antenna mast.

The lobby structure consists of six floors. The first two basement floors contain administrative offices and maintenance, repair and operations centers. The ground floor is the entrance of the tower and has ticket booths, security stations, a 3D cinema, concession stands, escalators and elevators. The six escalators on this level can transport up to 9,000 people every day.

The first floor is a gallery level that showcases artworks and art installations. The second floor has a 10s of shops that offer goods ranging from leather products and jewelry to handicrafts and pastry. The third floor has a food court which offers a variety of international and Persian dishes as well as fast food options.

The shaft is an octagonal concrete structure, which reaches a height of 315 meters, with 6 express elevators. Approximately 33,000 cubic meters of concrete has been used in the construction of the shaft.  This shaft has no function other than allowing the passage of express elevators and sheeting wires. There is a stop every 12 floors, which allows maintenance workers to carry out inspections and necessary repair work.  

The tower has 25,000-ton head with 12 floors and two elevators at the center. The head of the tower has an area of 12,000 square meters and a fireproof zone, which can accommodate up to 600 people in time of emergency. The head structure also includes a closed and an open observation deck, a cafeteria, a revolving restaurant, a VIP restaurant, a public art gallery and a sky dome.

The antenna mast is the final part of this gargantuan structure. The mast is 120 meters tall, weighs 350 tons and is made of 360,000 pieces and steel and nuts and bolts.

The Milad Tower Compound includes a laserium, cycling road, paintball club, skating rink, a fish spa, multi-level parking facilities, a dolphinarium, a food court, a mosque, a shopping center and coffee shops. A five-star hotel is being constructed on the compound.


Highest tower in Iran it's a perfect place to see Tehran in 360 mode:)


Dining at the restaurant on top of the tower is my suggestion while you are having your meal you can see all Tehran and enjoy the view :)


I recommended it maybe once since Tehran weather is always polluted there isn't much of a scene from up there


the food court in 4th floor isn't best food court of Tehran but its good if you visit Tehran, you should see Milad tower. because it's most important building of this city. usually, there are festivals and concerts in exhibitions in Milad Tower . and you can see Tehran on top view.


عظمت عجیبی داره این برج. فضای دید فوق العاده برج به شرطی که هوا تمیز باشه واقعا فوق العاده هست.


عظمت عجیبی داره این برج. فضای دید فوق العاده برج به شرطی که هوا تمیز باشه واقعا فوق العاده هست.


بلندترین برج ایران. جای دیدنی و زیبا


برج میلاد فقط یک بنا نیست. یک روز کامل تفریح. خیلی عالی بود.


برج میلاد زیباترین دید تهران را دارد اگر هوا تمیز باشد. من این شانس را داشتم


همه چیز در مجموعه برج میلاد زیباست. همه چیز عالی . حتی سینما چهار بعدی هم خاطره ساز است.


برج میلاد در شب هم خیلی فوق العاده است. نورپردازی فوق العاده دارد.


به نظر من برای برج میلاد باید وقت کافی گذاشت. حداقل نصف روز زمان لازم است.


برج میلاد این روزها بهترین مکان برای رکورد زدن ورزشکارها شده. هیچ جا این همه پله را نمیشه یک جا پیدا کرد.


رستوران برج میلاد خیلی عالیه. تجربه غذا خوردن در وسط آسمان. خیلی لذت بردم. یک صبحانه عالی

Milad Tower

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