Nature Bridge

Infrastructure that connects two parks has become a popular urban space. The architects first conceived the two-to-three level, 270-metre-long curved pedestrian bridge of varying width, a complex steel structure featuring a dynamic three-dimensional truss with two continuous deck levels that sits on three tree shape columns, with a third where the truss meets the column branches. It was an imaginative leap beyond the basic competition brief of designing a bridge to connect two parks separated by a highway in northern Tehran, without blocking the view to the Alborz Mountains. The structural elements are based on a latent geometrical order rotated and repeated in three dimensions. The result is a spatial structure large enough to create an inhabitable architectural space, where people congregate, eat and rest rather than just pass through. Multiple paths in each park were created that would lead people on to the bridge. Seating, green spaces and kiosks encourage people to linger on a site where greenery has been preserved by the minimal footprint of the bridge, whose curve offers a variety of viewing perspectives.  

Tehran Province, Tehran, Modares Hwy

Recommend visiting here once, it is a beautiful place and the view to Alborz Mountains is unforgettable.
Beautiful pedestrian bridge one of few brilliant projects done in the capital.
You can start from the first park and after 10 minutes you will reach the entry of the bridge, there is a Cafe in the middle of it where you can sit and enjoy the view.
The location is accessible almost from anywhere in the city easily since there are major highways passing here and parking is huge so you can get here really easy and enjoy the view.
Worth visiting, recommend going there at night so you can enjoy the beautiful lighting work on the bridge.
Went to visit here with some of my foreign friends and we were all amazed by the view and really had a great time.
During weekend nights it is a very popular place to hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery here.
You can enjoy a coffee in the middle of the bridge with an amazing view of Tehran. magnificent pedestrian bridge.
The design of this bridge has won several international awards and the fact that she was 26 at the time amazes me, very well designed and definitely worth visiting.
It's a beautiful structure and connects two big parks north of Tehran with an amazing view of Alborz Mountains.