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The Tehran Grand Bazaar is a historical 10-kilometer market in the Iranian capital. The bazaar is located in Arg Square with its main entrance in Sabze Meydoon. While the exact age of this bazaar is unknown, some studies suggest that parts of it predate the Safavid dynasty (1501–1736). The bazaar in Tehran is largely open and only parts like Amir Bazaar, Carpert Bazaar, Shoemakers Bazaar, Tailors Bazaar, Hazraati Bazaar, Carpenters Bazaar and Goldsmiths Bazaar are covered. A variety of traditional and modern goods are sold in the Grand Bazaar and there are a few landmark restaurants situated in there. The Grand Bazaar is located near Golestan Palace Complex.


You can get lost! if you want to go to Bazaar i recommend Fridays since it is full of people and alive :)


Even for the residents of Tehran this old market never gets old :) Perfect place to buy Carpets and spend a day in old Tehran


Some of the best restaurants of Tehran are located in the bazaar. I highly recommend Moslem where u get the best traditional Iranian plates :))


Reach in culture and wonderful sights, if you are visiting Tehran make sure you spend time in the Bazaar


Beautiful Bazaar and it can take you the whole day to visit it. you can find everything here and personally, i like the Carpet section.


If you like shopping here is the place:) you can find almost everything and it is super crowded at weekends.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

  • Address

    Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, Panzdah-e-Khordad St