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Azadi Museum is part of the Azadi Cultural Complex located in the Azadi (Freedom or Liberty) Tower of Tehran. The museum showcases pre-Islamic  artifacts to Qajar era (1785-1925) items such as gold and enamel pieces, painted pottery, marble, miniature, and paintings as well as an exact replica of the Cyrus Cylinder –considered the first human rights charter in the world. This cylinder is currently displayed at the British Museum.

The tower, which houses the museum, is considered the symbol of Tehran and was inaugurated in 1971 after two years of construction. The height of Azadi Tower is 45 meters from the ground and its design has been inspired by the arches used in Achaemenid (550-330 BC), Sassanid (226-651 CE) and Islamic monuments.

This three-story tower, which is close to Mehrabad International Airport, has four elevators, two stairways, 286 steps and has been made from 46 thousand pieces of marble from the finest mines of Isfahan. There are several halls, exhibition rooms, and a library underneath the tower.  

The tower is located at the heart of the oval-shaped Azadi Square, which has a design inspired by the network of lemon-shaped compartments created under the dome of Isfahan’s 17th century Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque.

The tower also features a robot named Royan, which entertains visitors with piano renditions of tunes popularized during the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. There is a multi-vision Cinema with three projection screens showing films about the revolution and the struggles of Iranians for freedom.

Sitting platforms have images of Iran’s historical sites projected on them and images of Anzali Lagoon have been cast against the ceiling. There is also a captivating light fountain.  The sound of the displays and digital shows in this cinema has been enhanced to better create a true-to-life and overall experience for visitors.

The entire tour of Azadi complex takes about 3 hours to complete. 


It has a special and awesome architecture that reminds Iranian culture and architecture. it's under construction currently, so get information before visiting, There is also an art gallery inside the tower which is not interesting. You can take the subway (Line 4) to reach the place.

Azadi Museum

  • Address

    Azadi Sq., Azadi Cultural Complex