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Darakeh is a hiking trail in north Tehran. Due to its pleasant weather, it is a popular destination for locals and tourists who visit its many restaurants and traditional teahouses for hookahs and kebab.


An amazing getaway from the busy Tehran, I try to go every weekend to enjoy a little fresh air.


Darakeh has many local and non-local devotees and they are here climbing every week some have been coming here for more than a decade and it never gets boring for them :)


Love it, it can get a little difficult towards the end of trail specially in the winter but it is worth it :)


My friends took me here at the weekend and have to say it was nice to get out of town for a while however 10 minuts from the place and you are in Tehran again :)


It's one of the routes leading to Tochal's 5th station for climbers and when you are close to the end of Darakeh trail you can rest at Palang chal shelter before continuing your ascent towards Tochal peak from here.


I love the Cafe's at the base of trail, they are dreamy and the small river is passing you by here :)


Do not go there at weekends it doesn't feel you are in the mountains it feels like a busy park


We try to make it here every week with my friends, it is a beautiful mountain trail and you can specially enjoy the colors in Autumn here.


There are bunch of cute dogs on the trail and people feed them during weekends and as i asked locals take the charge on weekdays so they don't go hungry, couple of them accompanied me for a while in the route and it was cute :)


It was a nice climb and i specially enjoied our breakfast at the Palangchal shelter at the end of the trail. It's a cozy 3 story shelter which the middle is for the restaurant and others are rooms for climbers who want to spend the night :)


There are seniors coming here regularly and you will see them passing by many young climbers here and everybody respects them on the trail, it's all positive vibes here :)


I've been to a couple of mountain trails during my visit and have to say this is my favorite one. It's a nice place to enjoy your hiking and beside the trail, you have the small river flowing from melting snows at the top and colors Wow :)


Corners are narrow here so you have to watch who's coming from the front and it can get slippery during Autumn and Winter.


I love it how Iranians like to be outdoors and from what i saw this place attracts people even from other cities :))


There are couple of valleys you get to pass on your trail to the top and you will see nature at its best here :)


It is very close to Velenjak street located at north of Tehran and you can get here by Taxi from Tajrish Sq, Also you can enjoy Cafe and restaurants here ranging from normal to super luxury


Love the atmosphere here and try to go every chance i get :) It's a perfect place to have breakfast with your friends at the weekends :)


There are beautiful old houses at the beginning of the trail and considering it is almost in the city it feels like you are not in the Capital at all :)


Favorite hangout place for young couples during weekends


I take my family here every weekend and teach my kids to connect with nature every chance they get, i think it's a fantastic place for families


I started my mountain trekking here and still go there every chance i get,


One of the beautiful places you can use as a getaway from the busy life in the Capital


Thanks to my Iranian friends i got the chance to visit this place and have to say it was awesome


Because it is located in the valley you will have shade while hiking also a river is flowing in the middle of the trail wich makes it ideal for a nice hiking day outdoors.


Favorite place for the locals to hike in weekends, it's a beautiful trail and not that hard to climb.


My friends took me here and we had a wonderful hike, afterward, we stopped at the Cafe beside the river and were presented with Tea and Omelet. It's a perfect getaway from the city.


My friends and i are close to Darake so we decided to make it a weekly routine and we have been hiking here for a year now. it is a beautiful place.


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