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Darbandsar Ski Resort is located in a village of the same name in the Alborz Mountains of Tehran. The resort opened in 1982 and is currently the second largest ski resort in Iran after Dizin. The ski season in Darbandsar starts from December and usually last until early April.

One of the seven ski resorts around Tehran and one of the newest in the country, Darbandsar is said to be the second most challenging resort in the region after Shemshak.

Located 60 kilometers northeast of Tehran, Darbandsar is a 90-minute drive from the city depending on the route chosen and weather conditions. The resort is located 3 kilometers from Shemshak, 10 kilometers from Dizin, 22 kilometers from Mount Tochal, 52 kilometers from Ab Ali resort and 55 kilometers from Mount Damavand.

With an altitude of 3,150 meters above sea level, Darbandsar usually attracts extreme skiers and snowboarders. The massive mountains behind this resort can ensure a memorable backcountry challenge for those who love off-piste skiing and 30- to 45-minute runs where the powder is untouched all the way down.

This ski resort has a snow depth of two to four meters and a vertical drop of 500 meters. The lowest piste at Darbandsar is at an altitude of 2,650 meters above sea level.

Darbandsar has 1 platter lift, 2 button lifts and 2 chair lifts as well as 2 ski lifts for beginners that transport skiers to different altitudes. Popular activities at this resort include hiking, trekking, mountaineering, winter sport climbing, ice climbing, skiing, scrambling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, off-piste skiing, rock, mountain biking, and ski mountaineering.

There is an ice wall close to Darbandasar called Hameloon Ice Wall where an ice climbing school has been established. The wall offers winter challenges suitable for advanced and beginner ice climbers and has everything from short top-rope problems to long multi-pitch ice. The school holds dry tooling competitions in late August.

For those who want to take on the challenge of scaling or ski mountaineering on Mount Damavand, Darbandsar is a good place for acclimatization and practice.

The resort has a ski school and offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers as well as for children. Renting ski equipment is also possible for those who do not wish to bring their own gear. 

While Darbandsar has no accommodation for skiers its closeness to Shemshak and Dizin makes arranging for lodgings simple. The resort has two restaurants, one close to the beginners’ piste and one on top of the slope. 

Darbandsar Ski Resort

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    Shemiranat, Roudbar Qasran