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Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran is popular with single-day trip skiers and for those who do not wish to travel outside the Iranian capital for a ski adventure. The resort opened in 1978 and with an altitude of 3,944 meters above sea level it is the fifth highest resort in the world.

This ski resort has a snow depth of two to four meters, a vertical drop of 300 meters and a slope length of 1,200 meters. The lowest piste at Tochal is at an altitude of 2,935 meters above sea level. The ski season at Tochal starts from December to April and sometimes even June.

This resort has a ski school where lessons are available for beginner, intermediate and even advanced skiers. Ski lessons are also available for kids. The school has ski equipment rentals for those who do not wish to bring their own gear. 

Tochal Ski Resort has three chairlifts, one T-bar and one platter lift which transport skiers to different altitudes.

Tochal also has a 7.5-kilometer cable car, one of the longest in the world, which starts at 1,600 meters and reaches an altitude of 3,750 meters. The Tochal Cable Car has 7 stations the most important of which are the first, second, fifth and seventh station. It takes about 50 minutes to go from the first station, which includes the parking lot, cafés and restaurants, to the last station on the slope by car cable.

Tochal has been recognized by the International Ski Federation as an international ski resort and has hosted several international snowboarding competitions and events.

Tochal Hotel is located at altitude of 3,550 meters and offers skiers 26 rooms and four suites 7 to 8 months a year when the slopes are covered with snow.

For those who want to take on the challenge of scaling or ski mountaineering on Mount Damavand, Tochal is a good place for acclimatization and practice.

Tochal Complex consists of different recreational and sports facilities including a bungee jumping club and a skating rink. The complex has an archery club where beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as international competitions are held. There are several trails at Tochal where hikers can walk up to a distance of 2,000 meters. Mountain climbing is also a popular activity.

Tochal has a total of 10 restaurants and cafes, which are open during and after the ski season, making the complex a popular hangout spot.


With a high elevation of 3,850 meters, Tochal is one of the highest resorts in the world :)


Amazing view of the capital Tehran and fresh powder snow, although it's always cold so make sure you have the right gear :)


Our favourite Ski resort in Tehran, its literally 15 minutes from my home :)


It's a great place for pre-season warm up and it's mostly fun to ski here.


I go skiing here once a week and I really like the Hotel up there, it's really nice to take a break and have hot coffee and enjoy the day here :))


I think it's a very easy slope and they can maybe add some more utilities in it but overall the location is a blessing.


Stayed at the resort's hotel last year, it was amazing at nights you can't go far from hotel but at clear nights you have million stars to look at outside :))


I love it here, however, i wouldn't recommend it at weekends. you will spend half your day in the cabin lines.


Really nice for snowboarding, I think this year they have an international competition here, it's gonna be awesome


I love the hotel here, also on sunny days you have an amazing view but i have to say its really windy and can get chili very fast

Tochal Ski Resort

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