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  Alborz in one of the best Kebab restaurants in Iran.

babi ARS

been there a lot and my favorite is their soltani dish.


really long line to get in, reserve first


Fantastic food in a luxury style


if you want to go at weekends reserve your table its a long line waiting if u dont have reservation.


i had chicken kebab with rice and variety of starters, everything on the menu was perfect thank u guys for taking me here :))


used to be very good and hang out p;ace 15 to 20 years ago .. Good kabab


Great place to have one of the most delicious Iranian kabobs known as "koobideh". The kabobs in general are super tender and tasty. The best time to dine is throughout the weekdays since on Fridays the wait can get pretty hectic.


Super crowded and super busy restaurant! The food is excellent but I had problems eating in such crowded place. I'd rather in peace!


kheli kheli restaurant khobi hast ke man kheli kheli kababasho dost daram va az sheshlikhay besiyar khoshmaze va lazizesh lezat mibaram va hamishe be dostanam oishnahad mikonam ke injaro emtehan konan. mohit tamiz va rahati baray khordan ye sham ya nahar khanevadegi ya dostane dare


خيلي خوب بود... شيك و مرتب با برخوردهاي خوب


رستوران البرز یک جای فوق العاده برای پذیرایی از میهمانان است. خیلی غذای خوبی دارد و خیلی پرسنل محترمی هم دارد.


One of the famous Kebab restaurants in Tehran, been coming here for a long time and have to say their Kebabs are amazing.


If you decide to try here at weekend make sure you are there by 12 any later and you might have to wait for a table for a long time. delicious food does that to you :)


I love the Kebab Barg here, it's amazing and the appetizers are mouth watering.


Every time i go here i have the same :) love the Chicken Kebab here always fresh and mouth watering. Also make sure you order fresh hot bread with Yoghurt for appetizers.


One of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran, i recommend Soltani Kebab with rice here.


You won't believe how busy this place is at weekends, my suggestion be there earlly and enjoy amazing dishes here.


restaurant khobi hast ke man vaghean kababesh ro dost daram albate ke sheshlik khoshmaze va lazizi ham dare , salad hay kalam ham khoshmaze bood va man dar kol razi hastam


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    North Sohrevardi Ave, Corner of Nikoo Ghadam Alley.