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Ali Qapu Restaurant Traditional Menu with Classic Iranian Architecture takes you back to old Tehran. You can enjoy your meal with live music

I remember having great times in this restaurant when I was a child. I think they have been in business for at least 30 years!


واقعا یه رستوران سنتی عالیه با کلی غذاهای خوشمزه


really enjoyed their traditional plates and music is amazing


Really enjoyed their food and music :))


told my friends to take me to a traditional restaurant and they took me here. after starters i was full :)) loved the food and live music.


it takes u back in history, the food is amazing and live traditional music performance was superb :))


it's a really cozy place they bring the food in the big tray you have to share it with your friends. They have a traditional drink name DOGH with the mint I love the taste


رستوران سنتی باید به این شکل زیبا باشد. از خوردن غذای ایرانی در رستوران سنتی بسیار لذت بردم. خیلی فضای دوست داشتنی ای داشت

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Ali Qapu

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    Vanak Sq., Haqani Ave., South Ghandi St., Corner of 23rd and 25th, No93