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Ananda restaurant was opened in 2006. During all these years they have tried to prepare various types of vegetarian dishes including local and international dishes and to promote vegetarian culture among Iranian people. Although the general idea defines vegetarian food as  boiled vegetables with limited choices, they proved that various colorful dished may be prepared and served without using meat. 
The dishes are prepared on daily basis and a special dish of day (including a dish of rice (polo), stew, soup, salad, dessert and drink) made of fresh vegetables and materials is included in the daily menu. 
The next eye-catching thing about Ananda is its ever-green atmosphere and they always do their best to provide a quiet and green atmosphere (in all seasons) for our guests to enjoy a healthy and delicious food in a busy and crowded city like Tehran.

Ananda Cafe Restaurant

  • Type

    Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Address

    No:18, South Ekhtiarieh, Pasdaran St, Tehran