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Mainly known for its Breakfasts and Soups, Great place to hang out with friends.

armin blr

saw them on instagram and decided to give it a try and delicious breakfast.


i love susage and eggs plate :))


Love their sandwiches and all kinds of sauces you can have :))


popular for friendly gatherings and hanging out with friends :))


in restaurant baraye 2 ta baradare doost dashtani bod ke motasefani yekishon be rahmate khoda raft, noghte ghovate in restaurant raftare fogholade ba moshatari hastesh, har chi enteghad beheshon bokoni ba gooshe baz mipaziran, va albate inam begam ke enteghade ziyadi nemitooniin bgirin chon avalan serviceshon khobe va ghazaha taze hastan


very hip and cool place, i enjoy their breakfasts they add a little touch of old school to it.


Try the sausage with eggs it is simply amazing :) staff are polite and helpful and it is a cozy and friendly place.


I has Pasta here and loved it also try the fresh fruit juices here :)


It is a cozy and friendly restaurant with a hip vibe, breakfasts are delicious and fresh fruit juice.


Try their Omelets and fresh juices, the main thing that draws people here is the staff well behavior and friendly owner.


  • Type

    Restaurant and Fast Food

  • Address

    No 9, Nastaran Alley, South Seoul Ave.