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The exterior of this restaurant promises an unforgettable traditional persian dinning experience. Barbod features beautiful Qajar stained glass and offers a verity of kebabs. Persian hospitality abounds. Dinners chose their main course from the menu, but the sumptuous buffet of starters is offered to all. Prices are high end. 


good ambiance and relatively stylish interior, getting along with some handful of the restaurant regulars seems to be a good experience.


its a great place to have traditional persian food and the design is very intersting.


I had barley soup which was so gooooood, Very reasonable price. Excellent service and most importantly delicious Everything . Do not miss !!!


We really enjoyed the decorations and the atmosphere of this exquisite traditional restaurant!


غذاي بي كيفيت + جاي نشستن بسيار فشرده و فضاي خفه و اجراي نه چندان دلچسب سنتي


It's a very beautiful and traditional place but always very crowded and noisy,u can't eat your food in peace the quality of foods is above average but not perfect! Recommended for just passengers

Shima Zandi

The food is good, so is the music! and it's suitable for family gatherings


joje kebab ba sotokhn ro be hame pishnahad mikonam chon khylii alli hastesh


  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Vanak St., Mola Sadra, North Sheikh Baha