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One of the most luxurious Italian Restaurants of Tehran Located at Parsian Azadi Hotel with well mannered staff and service.


It's a great place for business launches


Went there with my guests great service


luxury and pricy with great service and amazing food :))


به نظر من یکی از بهترین رستوران های تهران هستش ، از نظر کیفیت سرویس دهی و پذیرایی دقیقا خدماتشون در سطح بین المللی هست ، خب سطح قیمتها بالاست ، فضا و دکور رستوران بسیار هنرمندانه و با ذوق طراحی شده به نظر من یکی از بهترین رستوران هاست برای قرارهای کاری خیلی مهم


The best part was quick service. The ambiance was great and the food was also awesome. The Italian chef welcomed us, we enjoyed!


Perfectly located in Parsian Azadi hotel, a bit expensive but tasty food! I recommend it


Italian food is always delicious, but here....... it is outstanding!!! We loved it.


If you have a high-class meeting or very important business lunch meeting, this is the place for you. Probably the best international restaurant in Iran and of course such service and food will be expensive.


The main idea is really interesting but they have some trouble in organizing the customers mostly in the busy days. The width of the shared table is so thin and that makes you uncomfortable


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    Chamran Hwy, and Yadegar Imam Hwy, intersection, Parsian Azadi Hotel.