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Open from 07-11 am they only serve breakfast and we recommend chapata for you.


کرپ نوتلا با موز و توت فرنگیش محشره و پیشنهاد میکنم که حتما امتحانش کنید و همچنین سالاد سزار خوبی داره


I've had breakfast here twice with my friends and it never disappoints! Everything is so delicious. Specially the ones made with Nutella.


I think this is the only restaurant in Tehran that delivers breakfast but usually, it takes yeaaaaars


We always order breakfasts from Delion from our office on working days, the Spanish Omelette is great!


The meals are well designed and very delicious but they lack good services in means of delivery and taking orders.


We order from here sometimes and i like their English breakfast however delivery had delays couple of times and it was cold by the time we got it.


sobhane engilisi khobi dare vali kheli kheli bad services midan va kheli dir ghaza ro miyaran va gahi oghat aslan yadeshon mire ke man az oon be bad aslan dige sefaresh nadadam


ghazahay khoshmazei daran va na kheli alii , mishe goft mamooli hast vali man English break fastesh ro dost daram .


We ordered breakfast from here a couple of times and by the time it got to us both times it was cold so I'm not ordering any more.

Breakfast Delion

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    breakfast Delivery

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    Mirdamad Ave, Corner of Jordan and Vali-e-Asr