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This burger joint offers a verity of burgers designed for every taste. The portions are generous. This restaurant which offers high quality fast food, is owned by the famous Barobax pop group. 

naval usimoff

I liked the atmosphere & food.


the burger is not as good as it was before and it s too busy at nights.


I did get heavy after having burger in this place unfortunately....but i liked the fries.

American style burgers! I didn't like it!


It's much like Mcdonalds here and burgers are delicious and bigger :)


Delicious Burgers but recently their quality is not as it was before.


Very crowded most of the times but the burgers are so juicy and hard to resist! Specially the juicy burger =]


burgerhay khoshamazei dasht vali alan kheli khob nist va mesl sabegh nist va gheymathay balaei dare


  • Type

    Fast Food

  • Address

    Saadatabad, 30th St.